360 BEAT'S 100 - Wireless Headphone & MP3 Player By 360 Sound And Vision (S1)
- Both An MP3 Player & Headphones, Rich Clear Sound With Lots of BASS!

- LED Display, Takes Micro SD Cards, Volume Control, Mini USB Output

- Comes With Over 100 Beats From The 360 Sound And Vision Sacred Instrumental     Rap Library.

- Comes With Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 360 Sound And Vision BEATS 100 Micro SD Card & Micro SD Card Adapter, USB Cable, Cleaning Cloth.

- Limited Edition of 100, Hand Engraved and Numbered, Ships in 360 Sound and Vision Packaging.

Product Description:

360 Sound And Vision new line of BEATS 100 MP3 players is what the world needs, featuring The 360 Sound And Vision Beats 100 Wireless Headphone, an headphone with no wires! As soon as you get the 360 Beats 100 Wireless, just put the battery in, put it on your head and press play. Then your life will change. You can run a 300 yard dash with these headphones because theres no wires attached, no longer do you have to be wired to your headphones, these dope headphones operated indoor an outdoor with ease because its built in mp3 player produces the music directly from the headphones, the mp3 player takes an micro sd card, and you can control the volume directly from the headphone, just put a micro sd card inside the headphones and walla, music! The headphone also has a mini USB out so you can plug it right into your computer and use it as computer headphones too! But these are just the basic functions of the 360 Beats 100 wireless, the greatest thing about the beats 360 Beats 100 wireless headphone is that it comes with an micro SD card! That micro SD card that it comes with is why this system can't be beat, that SD card is the thing in which that will take you to a higher level! reach for the galaxies and achieve the perfect equilibrium between science and space time. This revolutionary SD card is the brain of the device, it contains over 100 hardcore rap beats of the 360 Sound And Vision rap instrumental sacred library, these compositions are designed to increase your brain power and this selection of music will help guide you and take you too a higher level! The 360 SOUND AND VISION BEATS 100- WIRELESS HEADPHONE MP3 PLAYER is for the well traveled & established Hip-Hop connoisseur and also for everyone young and old that enjoys hours of dope instrumental rap beats without any obstruction!

Price: $299.99