360 Sound And Vision Vision HD Video Glasses
Product Description:

360 Sound And Vision's VISIONHD 1000 Video Glasses is an All-in-One, standalone video glasses, built-in video player (NOT a VR headset), it's virtuaI 200-inch screen is perfect to watch 360 Sound And Vision Movies and all 2D/3D video, and it will make you feel like your in a movie theater!
Put your mind into 360 Sound And Vision's VISIONHD 1000 Video Glasses, sit down and experience HD Vision! 

The Built-in 2GB memory comes pre-loaded with movies, videos and music from the 360 Sound And Vision Media Library, movies that where perfectly made to be interacted with these video glasses, movies like THE GLASSES, THE GLASSES 2, THE FACE IN THE WALL, CYBORNETICS: URBAN CYBORG & More, that were just made for these video glasses! These video glasses also has a micro SD card slot for external storage of media files. With the pre-loaded movies and music already built into the device, enjoy hours of entertainment right out of the box with out having to do anything except for press play. The Sleek ergonomically design makes for a comfortable wearing experience, these video glasses provide a full HD experience, light weighted and flexible.

Each eye is equipped with a 1280x800 584PPI LCD screen, 2 individual LCD screens deliver an exceptional 3D video experience.
3D video format: Side-by-Side
Android 5.1, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) connection, you can surf the internet and install APPs (Some APPs may be uncompatible).
Built-in 6-axis gyro head tracking system to watch 360 video/picture shot by yourself (DOES NOT support Facebook 360/ Youtube VR).
Compact and lightweight
Lens diopter between 0 ~ -5.0 D, without astigmatism or presbyopia, you can try not to wear your eyeglasses, but if you cannot focus in for the clearest picture, please wear your eyeglasses with the VISIONHD 1000 Video Glasses, and make sure to adjust the ring of each eye.
Adjustable pupil distance. 
3.5 mm earphone jack,no speakers.
RAM: 2 GB 
Storage:16 GB
Micro SD card slot,upto 128 GB
Bluetooth 4.0
USB Host 2.0: connect to a mouse/ keyboard/ Hub
Micro USB: charge the battery/ connect to PC to transfer files
Battery: video playback 3 hours (under 50% brightness, Wi-Fi off, playback video stored in the SD card)
Battery charging: DC 5V, by a smart phone charger
Safety Guide
1. DO NOT use the product when you are sick, tired or you have eyestrain. Stop using if you experience any discomfort or fatigue.
2. If you have concerns with your eyes, please consult your doctor before you decide to buy this item.
3. DO NOT allow children under the age of 13 to use the product. 
4. Over use may negatively impact your eye vision, resting for 10 minutes after every 30 minutes of using is advised.

Model Number: VISIONHD 1000
Price: $1299
360 Sound And Vision (VISIONHD-1000) Mobile Theater HD Video Glasses With Pre-Loaded Movies, Music & Photos
- Built In 2GB Memory, Comes Pre-loaded With Music, Movies & Photos From The 360 Sound And Vision Media Library

- HD Video Playback, Micro SD Card Slot, Supports A Wide Variety of Multimedia Video & Audio Formats

- USB Connection: USB 2.0 high-speed connection.

- Adjustable inter-pupillary distance, compact, lightweight for long term comfort, also supports nearsighted vision between 0 ~ 5.0 D

- 1280x800" LCD Display Equivalent, Comes With Internal Rechargeable Battery, Download/USB Cable, Headphones, Deluxe Case & Cleaning Cloth. Ships in 360 Sound And Vision Packaging. Limited Edition  of 200 Units Hand Numbered.